5 Reasons Substitute Teaching Is the Best Job Ever

Why substitute teaching is the best job ever.png

Substitute teaching often gets a bad reputation as one of the worst jobs out there. Everyone knows that when the teacher is away the children will play. In other words, if you are a substitute, you know the students are going to be pushing the limits. Often, this can make subbing feel more like baby-sitting, especially if it is for the middle grade levels.

Being a sub certainly has its own unique challenges. The rewards of substitute teaching, however, are so amazing it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked as a potential job! If you are considering being a substitute and wondering if it would be a good fit, check out these five great reasons why substitute teaching is one of the best jobs out there.


Very few jobs out there allow you to pick and choose your own schedule. Want to jet to a sunshine destination next week because you found a killer deal? You can! Flexibility is the number one best reason to be a substitute teacher! Substitute teaching is a daily job meaning you can simply decide not to work that day if you don’t want to.

Want to work the whole month without a break to make some connections and earn some cash? Go ahead! Apparently, most people aren’t aware of what a great gig subbing is leaving most districts in a desperate shortage of substitute teachers. This means you can select and stack up jobs for the month, choosing those which appeal to you the most.  

No Extras

Another thing most all people would love a little more of is work-life balance. When you’re a substitute teacher, you are walking into someone else’s room and following their plans. There is no taking work home, going to meetings, or answering student and parent emails. Plus, the working hours are great! You’ll have time to go to the gym, make a decent home-cooked meal, and spend more time with those you love.


Whether you are a substitute because you know subbing is one of the best jobs out there or a teacher trying to land the coveted first job in the district, variety will be the spice of your life. You can explore different districts, schools, age groups, and subjects. Let your interests and curiosity guide you.

Ever wished you knew more about music? Sub for the band or choir.  Decide herding cats in kindergarten isn’t your pace, try a high school course. Pubescent angst got you feeling down? Third graders are sure to put a smile on your face. You get the picture. Subbing lets you experience and experiment, so you can determine your best fit.    

Bring on the Ideas

Keep a notebook or binder around because substitute teaching is sure to provide a plethora of great insider tips. From classroom management techniques to lessons plans, classroom incentives to decorations; substitute teaching will provide you the opportunity to explore it all. You’ll be amazed at all the simple tricks you can pick up along the way, from homework practices to pencil management.

It seems like pencils are the scarcest commodities among a group of students. No matter the age, you’ll be damned if less than three kids each day ask for a pencil that you will never…EVER…see again. Worst yet, the next day one of those same students will have the gall to “finesse” another of your pencil stash. Subbing tricks collected include: a shoe for a pencil, your cell phone for a pencil, pencils attached to desks with yarn, magnetized pencils, and on and on.  

The Kids!

Alright, I lied when I said flexibility was the number one best reason to become a substitute teacher. In all honesty, it’s all about the kids! Kids are hilarious, insightful, and caring. And while at times they may have you questioning why in the world you thought substitute teaching would be the best job ever, you won’t be disappointed the first time a student hands you an Oreo with the note, “You made me a smart cookie,” or they simply thank you for having faith in them. These are the moments teachers become teachers for and what is a substitute teacher if not someone who can make the best out of any moment.