What is The Terrible Teachers Club?

So, you’re a terrible teacher. You have a pile of ungraded papers, unanswered parent phone calls, forgotten IEP meetings, students throwing things, students yelling, students crying, now you’re crying…JOIN. THE. CLUB.

As teachers, we felt a calling to the field; a higher purpose. We went into our teacher preparation programs thinking we could make a difference in the lives of not just our students, but to society as a whole! We pictured the type of teacher we would be, the theories of learning we would employ, and read up on how to successfully manage a classroom. We all listened to the stories of first-year demands and high teacher turn over, and yet, walked into the classroom with our smiling faces, lists of rules, and class ice-breakers. We were ready. We were prepared. 



Truth be told, nothing can really prepare you for being a perfect first-year teacher. You know why? Because that doesn’t exist. Ask teachers who have been teaching for 16+ years, they still make mistakes. There are still days when your tried-and-true lesson plan is just not working. There will be days when you forget a meeting or to respond to one of the hundreds of emails in your inbox. And then there will be dark days…just seemingly dark, disappointing, and difficult days.

The good news is, you are not alone! Every teacher has been and continues to be terrible at some point in time, in one way or the other. This site is for those who make the mistakes. A place to feel connected with other terrible teachers, a safe place where we can learn from our mistakes and take steps to prevent them a second time.