Valentine's Day Gifts for Teachers


It's Valentine's Day in a little over a week. Teachers...this is about the time of the year where we are tired, cranky, and in need of a break. Spring break is still far off, and Christmas break is far behind. You want to treat your teacher sweetie (or maybe just your kid's teacher that you're grateful takes your kid off your hands for six hours a day), and are at a loss of what to get. Never fear, The Terrible Teachers are here! Here's what we really want:

Gift Cards

Gift cards are better than gold for teachers. Seriously. But only if they're for somewhere useful. I'm talking the big three: Amazon. Costco. Starbucks. Other places that might be helpful? OfficeMax, or something similar, or a local store that you know she (or he, don't be sexist) likes. 


Need I say more? If you're delivering this gift to the school, so you may feel uncomfortable bringing a literal bottle of alcohol to them, you could get a gift certificate to a local wine bar, or some alcohol accessories -- nice glassware, a wine stopper, a fancy bottle get the idea.

High-End Office Supplies

One of my favorite gifts to receive are the office supplies that I won't often get myself. A nice stationery set, or a set of sharpies. Something a little on the pricier side (as far as office supplies go) that I might not think to get for myself. Don't like any of those ideas? Expo markers. A thousand boxes of expo markers.

An Office Tote

Another thing that I love, but often wouldn't buy for myself is a nice work bag. I picked out these two options, for a more masculine look, or a feminine one. A lot of teachers I run into in the parking lot are toting around their papers and laptops in grocery store tote bags. Something in a heavy canvas or leather will look a million times more professional and will make you feel less terrible.

Pampering Extras

If you want to go for a gift that is totally outside of the classroom, go for something that involves pampering. Total and complete self-care. Go troll the aisles of the local Target, and pick out some just-for-them stuff. Bubble bath. Korean sheet masks. Hand cream. Hand sanitizer to ward off the 30 tiny disease factories in every class. 

I want to know -- what do you do to say "I love you" to the teacher in your life? Leave it in the comments down below.